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What is psychotherapy?


There are different types, but they are all confidential 'talking treatments' in which you are listened to, and talk with another person. It can help you to overcome:


  • stress.

  • emotional problems.


  • relationship problems.


  • troublesome habits.


  • problems, such as hearing voices.


  • sense of loss of meaning in life.


  • loss of direction.


  • anxiety.



What do I offer?


I have over 2O years experience as an accredited psychotherapist. I work confidentially with individuals and couples on all issues including relationships, sexual issues, career issues, diversity, lack of meaning in life and depression.

I offer open-ended psychotherapy. This means that you determine how long you wish to continue coming to sessions.  Each session is 50 minutes long.

I also offer clinical supervision to qualified psychotherapists and those in training.


Monica is:


  • UKCP accredited Psychotherapist in private practice.


  • Member of BACP.


  • Lecturer at New School of Psychotherapy & Counselling, London.


  • Lecturer at Regents College, London – School of Psychotherapy & Psychological Counselling.


  • Supervisor in private practice.


  • Supervisor at New School of Psychotherapy & Counselling, London.


  • Founder of Face@ Face Youth Counselling Service, Oxfordshire.

What Clients Say…


'Monica is patient, affirming and accepting; she is wise and experienced. She is also willing to ask tough questions and challenged many of my assumptions and behaviours; in an atmosphere of trust this led me to significant insights. It is difficult to put into words, but my work with Monica gave me a profound and confident sense of myself'.

Female, 35


'I had achieved considerable success in my field as a musician, when this came to an end I suffered depression and felt I had lost all sense of who I was.  Through my therapy with Monica I came to like myself again and identify new creative areas to pursue.'

Male, 30


'I was very depressed following an ectopic pregnancy and a failed cycle of IVF. Monica was supportive and understanding whilst at the same time challenging me to look as some very difficult things.'

Female, 40