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Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution


Conflict is everywhere. We may be in conflict at work or at home. Most of the time we can negotiate conflict effectively and move on but sometimes it becomes stuck and we can benefit from the help of a neutral third party.

Conflict may be just an indication that people really care about what is going on, but their way of showing it is inappropriate to the situation.  If those involved understand this, it is a major first step towards eventual resolution.


What do I offer?


I am an experienced accredited mediator who works with individuals, couples, families, businesses and groups to facilitate an agreement. I coach individuals in understanding conflict and their own behaviours in relation to conflict, helping them to take responsibility for using the skills learnt to avoid further conflict. I have over 11 years post accreditation experience of mediating disputes of all kinds.


What is mediation?


  • It is confidential, voluntary and informal process involving two or more parties in dispute and an impartial mediator. The mediator meets with each party individually before facilitating a joint session with the parties.


  • It aims to provide a safe place for parties to speak with each other in an open and honest manner to try and reach a resolution that is acceptable to all in dispute. The mediator facilitates a conversation between the parties in a safe and constructive environment and is a facilitator, not a judge. Any agreement that is reached is determined solely by the parties.


What happens?


  • Each party to the dispute  has separate rooms for the day.


  • The mediator asks  both parties to be in the same room at the beginning of the Mediation. Any friends, legal or trade union representatives may be present at this stage. The representatives may speak for their client/friend but it helps the mediation if the parties concerned who speak for themselves.


  • The mediator explains the process and gives each side the chance to explain their view of the dispute.


  • The mediator then speaks with parties individually in their own room.


  • If potential for agreement is identified the mediator will bring the parties back together to draw up an agreement.



Monica is:



  • Editor of a book on ‘Co-mediation’ to be published in early 2012. If you wish to pre-order the book at the price of £12.99 please feel free to contact me here.


  • Senior tutor on Regent’s College, London’s course in Alternative Dispute Resolution (accredited by Bar Council & Law Society).


  • Visting lecturer in  mediation, Graduate school of Law, Riga, Latvia.



What Clients Say…


 “I invited Monica to make a presentation to the "Mediators' First Thursday Club" in Dublin on 4 March 2010. Monica was absolutely superb. Her presentation was excellent and was so informative. Monica clearly is an expert in Mediation and Conflict Resolution/Avoidance. Monica greatly impressed all the attendees.Monica has such a lovely way about her and her openness and approachability really facilitated a very lively roundtable discussion..I first met Monica at Regent's College when she tutored me in ADR training. She was a fantastic tutor, so patient with everyone and encouraging.. She also provided really perceptive feedback to all participants on the course (perhaps being a psychotherapist aids Monica in this regard! I could not recommend Monica highly enough.. If you need an excellent Mediator, you will find that in Monica and much more.” 


“For me Monica represents the benchmark of excellence in conflict management; whether that be providing training, conflict coaching, mediating or consulting. Her management experience coupled with her psychological grounding affords her a perspective and a skill set that makes any intervention she offers an organisation or individual immensely valuable.” 


“Monica is a very gifted lecturer who knows how to tune in to her audience and build a rapport very quickly. She can express the most complex issues and theories in a clear and down to earth way. Monica is also one of the most accurate and sensitive listeners I have worked with. We mediate and work together on mediation training courses together.”


'As a mediator, I found Monica gentle yet assertive if and where necessary, empathic and insightful, and  as well able to manage a dispute between corporations as she is between neighbours or juvenile gangs.”