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What is coaching?


Coaching provides an opportunity to reflect on where you are, identify future goals and develop strategies to move you towards those goals. It is particularly powerful in times of change – whether the change is forced on you (redundancy, restructure, divorce etc) or is a change you have identified as being needed.



What do I offer?


I offer one to one coaching to private individuals and to executives in the business and charitable organisations. I work face to face or via telephone/SKYPE with clients in the UK and abroad. 

As a business coach I bring my management and psychological expertise to my coaching with individuals and teams. I work with senior level executives and their staff in dealing with stress, managing change, improving communication and creating strategy. I have worked within the financial sector; with EAP companies; and with multinationals. 

I work with individual clients on issues within their personal life.



Monica is:


  • Co-editor of a book on ‘Existential Coaching’ to be published by Palgrave/MacMillan in Spring 2011.


  • Deputy Course Leader – MA in Existential Coaching, NSPC, London.




What Clients Say…


“I came to Monica because I was under a great deal of pressure due to challenges within one of my teams of business partners. She was able to use her business experience to help me work through some strategic action planning, build my leadership skills and at the same time draw on her psychotherapy background to enable me to consider my work life balance and clarify my priorities.’ 

Male, 43, with businesses in Europe and UK


‘Monica is very approachable and non-judgemental. I was able to be honest and open with her about how I was feeling. I was never made to feel stupid or as if I was being over dramatic. She helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and to gain confidence in what I had to offer.’   

Female, 32 seeking career change


‘Monica is warm and friendly but has a very acute brain which she used to help me truly assess my situation and identify the changes I wished to make. She then worked with me to find the courage to make those changes. She has the unique talent of being able to challenge whilst never threatening'.

Male, 48, seeking change of direction personally and professionally


‘Although Monica challenged me to use the sessions effectively, I enjoyed then tremendously as well as achieving what I set out to achieve.’

Male, 37


‘I started working with Monica after she had been a mediator for a dispute I had been involved in. She helped me to identify some behaviours which were causing problems for me in the workplace. Through the coaching I had several ‘light bulb’ moments where I came to see how my behaviour was hurting me and others and to learn strategies to make changes.'

Female manager, 27